This was written a month ago. [46/52]

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I’ve had a blast writing these weekly posts. They have opened up conversations with other authors, challenged me to think through some of these things more thoroughly, and haven’t interferes with my writing time. 

To that last point, there’s on specific reason that these weekly posts haven’t interfered with my writing time, and that’s because of a magical thing called scheduled posts. 

As the title suggests, I wrote this post a month ago. When I started this blog, I had the first couple posts written, and I’ve stayed about 4 posts ahead the whole year. That takes the pressure off and keeps it fun. 

I don’t think every author needs to have a blog (I debated starting one for awhile), but this strategy doesn’t just work for blog posts, it works for social media too. 

If you have an author page on Facebook, spend one day writing two weeks (or a month!) worth of posts, schedule them, and then forget about it. That will free you up to write your stories. 

There are paid schedulers for Twitter and Instagram as well, if you want to get serious about managing your time.

So, if the pressure of having to have content on a weekly basis scares you, try writing 4 posts, schedule them out, and boom, now you’ve got a month before anything else is due.

Jump. Build, Fly.
F.C. Shultz