Creative Process: Implementation. [45/52]

45_52_The Creative Process_ Implementation (1).png

Creative Process: Implementation is part five of a five part series on the creative process. 

This is one of my favorite parts of the creative process. This is where you sit down with your computer, or a pad of paper, and create! This is where you make stories. It’s a blast. 

Literally anything can happen here. Even if I have an outline, it’s just a loose plan. If the story goes a little off outline, I let it go. Let your story surprise you. 

Ray Bradbury talks about how he doesn’t need an alarm clock, because his ideas wake him and he rushes to the keyboard every morning. 

I try to employ that same enthusiasm, but sometimes it’s hard. Okay, a lot of times it’s hard. 

The most difficult part of this stage is doing the hard-chair work. Getting up early, and sitting down and writing. 

When my alarm goes off at 6AM, I want to turn it off and stay in bed. But, when I get out of bed and sit down and write, I love it. I love getting into a grove when the words are flowing. Even a challenging writing day is better than a no writing day. I love having written. 

And, I think you will too. So, prepare your story (and yourself), let your story incubate, set yourself up to get insight, get your story evaluated, and do the work.

Jump. Build, Fly.
F.C. Shultz