F.C. reading The Mystery at Pancake Shores at the 2018 Joplin Library Writers’ Faire.

Who is F.C.?

F.C. Shultz didn't begin writing fiction until his early 20's when the stories of Ray Bradbury grabbed hold of him and never let go. He enjoys writing stories that place one fantasy/sci-fi element into an otherwise realistic world. His first book, The Rose Weapon, about vikings and dragons and honor, was released in 2017. His next novella, The Mystery of Pancake Shores,  about mystery and trusting strangers and beaches, was released in April 2018. 

If he's driving, he's probably listening to a writing podcast (or Ear Biscuits). If he's got a night a home, he's probably reading fiction (or playing Fallout 4). And if he had a choice, he'd go to the movie theater everyday. Comics are obviously great. Street hockey is also fun on Fridays. 

F.C. lives with his wife, Sammi, his newborn son, Milo, and his cat, Batman.

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What is F.C. Reading?

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
F.C. has read 4 books toward his goal of 30 books.

What is F.C. Watching?

WHat is F.C. Listening To?

I love taking pictures with my KS Super. Here are some of my favorite shots.