What kind of stories does F.C. write?

F.C. loves to take one element of fantasy or science fiction, place it in an otherwise realistic world, and see what happens. Elements like:

Why are F.C.’s books priced so strangely?

F.C. wants his stories to be as accessible as possible, and, since he self publishes through Amazon, he’s able to set his own pricing. So, all of his paperback books are priced so he make exactly $1 per book sold. See for yourself.

Are digital versions really free with the purchase of a paperback copy?

Yes! If you buy the paperback version of any of F.C.’s books through Amazon, you’ll be able to get the Kindle version free through Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook program.

DOes F.C. really send free copies of his books to libraries?

Yes! His books tend to fall into the middle grade genre, so he especially loves sending his books to middle school libraries. If you’re a librarian and you’d like a free copy of his books, just fill out the form below.

Where can I find F.C.’s books?

All of F.C.’s books are available in paperback and digital on Amazon. If you are in the Joplin, MO area, you can also pick up copies at Vintage Stock.

what book should I start with?

If you want a classic coming of age story about dragons and vikings and fathers and sons and honor, start with The Rose Weapon. If you prefer a slow burn mystery set in in the 50s, check out The Mystery at Pancake Shores.

I want to write stories, but I don’t know where to start. Any advice?

Write stories you love. Write everyday. The fastest way to learn how to write stories is to do it consistently. Start with short stories. Write 50 short stories before being critical of them. Also, F.C. started a weekly blog for new fiction writers covering topics related to story ideas, structure, characters, resources, inspiration, and general tips. Check it out here.

When is F.C.’s next book signing/School or library visit?

To keep up to date with book signings, school visits, new releases, and more, sign up to get the monthly newsletter using the form below. F.C. will also send you his favorite story he’s written for free.