F.C. Shultz’s Super Patron Application


Hello Hannibal, Grace, Patrick, Gillian, Molly, and Danielle—

First of all, thank you for considering my application. My name is F.C. Shultz and I write novels. I love to take one fantastical element and unleash it on an otherwise realistic world, then stand back and see what happens. It’s been a lot of fun so far. I’ve got a handful of partial outlines for novels that I’m chipping away at, but it’s slow going while working full time. 

I released my first book, about a dragon who attacks a viking village every ten years, in October 2017. My second book, where some kids in the late 50’s find a mysterious wooden box during a beach vacation, was released in April 2018. And, my third book, the sea-faring, fire-breathing sequel to the first, was released this past May. This past summer I released a 10-part serialized fiction podcast about what would happen if everyone lived in VR 100% of the time. The last episode debuted in August. 


I self-publish my books, and I love it this way. It takes awhile to oversee editing and cover design and layout (since most of it is done myself), but the benefits outweigh the work. I get to control the speed of release, have creative control over the cover, retain full rights, and am able to price my books in a way that makes them affordable. 

My writing speed is about 1,000 words an hour. So, if I was awarded the Super Patron grant, I would be able to quit my full-time job and free up those 2000 hours, and this is what my next year would look like:

  • MARCH 31: Release Sparrow and the Stream, a 2 part novel (continuing the story from the podcast) about what would happen if humanity lived in virtual reality 100% of the time. (75K words)

  • JUNE 30: Release Roland's Frenzy (unofficial title), a novel where a detective has been called in to a small town in England after receiving numerous reports of a were-dragon terrifying the town. (45K words)

  • SEPTEMBER 30: Release The Horned Who Lived (unofficial title), a novel about a place where, when you reach half of your life, you grow horns. (60K words)

  • DECEMBER 10: Release Witches Be Cursin’ (unofficial title), a Christmas horror novel about a coastal Alaskan town where a present mysteriously appears every Christmas, and how the gift’s recipient usually goes missing shortly after opening it. (70K words)

This grant is such a cool idea. No matter who received the grant, I’m excited to see what this modern-day Harper Lee can create. Thank you again for considering my application.