Write with Confidence. [49/52]

49_52_Write with Confidence..png

I love encouraging writers, especially those just getting started. One of the most common excuses I hear from new authors comes from a lack of confidence. I hear things like, “No one will want to read this,” or, “My idea has already been done, so there’s no point in writing this.”

The first thing to know is even the most successful author (or creator in general) still has doubts about what they are creating. Look up imposter syndrome in creators, and you’ll see they still think thoughts like, “No one will want to read this.” You’ve got to let that distraction go. 

Second, there are no original ideas. Everything is a remix. You could choose to be crippled by this, or find comfort in it. 

I find comfort in it because it means even my favorite creators, my favorite authors, are living under this rule too. Everything is a remix, which means the playing field is even. 

Yet, no one can write a story the way you can write it. 

If someone gave you and me the same writing prompt, even the same outline, the books would come out much different. They would still be unique. There are books only you can write. 

Own it. 

The world needs your book. 

Write your book. 

Write with confidence.

Jump. Build, Fly.
F.C. Shultz