No one cares. [28/52]

28_52_No One Cares..png

No one cares about the book you’re about to release.

Most don’t care about the book you already released.

And that’s a good thing.

If someone else cares about your book more than you do, then they should have been the one to write it. This is your book, you own it. You’ve helped it grow from a fleeting “aha” moment and turned it into a wonderful piece of fiction.

There’s no way anyone else would care about this book as much as you, because they weren’t there to see the growth.

So, keep doing your work. Keep caring about your stories. And try not to pay attention if other people don’t seem to care as much as you. After all, doing the work is enough, right?

Here’s a poem I wrote about this very thing. It’s called, “No One Cares.”

No one cares - about
the time you rise.
 the lines you like.
the hours spent.
the heart’s intent.
the pages tossed.
the ideas lost.
the different drafts.
the lonely laughs.
the stories inside.
the reason why.

No one cares about the seed.
And only few about the tree.

Jump. Build, Fly.
F.C. Shultz