Fix the flaw. [30/52]

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Writing is rewriting

I’m close to finishing up two projects and I’ve very tempted to say, “this is good enough,” and just release the book. It’s a great feeling to release a book you’ve written. You should try it sometime.

But, I’ve received some feedback that I know I need to act on. There are some little edits I need to make, that I know will make the book better, but I am struggling to find the motivation.

Enter Furor Scribendi, an essay by Octavia E. Butler. It kicked my butt. Specifically this quote that I underlined.

“The moment you find yourself saying. ‘This doesn’t matter. It’s good enough.’ Stop. Go back. Fix the flaw. Make a habit of doing your best.”

This twenty-four year old advice was exactly what I needed.

Hopefully it’s what you needed, too.

P.S. I highly recommend picking up Blood Child by Octavia Butler. The short stories are great and the two essays (including Furor Scribendi) are fantastic.

Jump. Build, Fly.
F.C. Shultz