Book marketing 101. [6/52]

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You’ve finished your book. It’s edited and edited and edited. The cover looks amazing. Now it’s out in the world.


Now, how do you let people know?

The best definition of marketing I’ve heard is from Tim Grahl. He defines it as making long lasting connections with people and being relentlessly helpful.

Not what you were expecting?

Of course there are algorithms and SEOisms and audience segmentation. But, when it comes down to it, these two rules of marketing from Tim Grahl cover it all.

1.Make long lasting connections.

Remember that person you met at a gathering one time and then you saw them at the coffee shop and they remembered your name? That makes you feel special. You think that person cares about you. You know you’ll remember them the next time you see them. Making long lasting connections is invaluable.

2. Be relentlessly helpful.

This tip means helping other creatives when they ask for it. Offer your services and go the extra mile to help people. It’s not difficult. There are people ahead of where you want to be on your creative journey, you know this, but there are also people who are where you have been. They might see you as a beacon of success. So, if you see an opportunity to help them reach their creative goals, please do it.

Tim Grahl has a ton of resources for authors. Check out his website to find anything you need when it comes to book marketing.

Jump. Build, Fly.
F.C. Shultz