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I write stories.

Most of my stories are grounded science fiction or fantasy. I like to introduce one fictional element into an otherwise realistic world and see what happens. It has been great fun so far.

I was born in the Land of Lincoln, but have since relocated to Joplin, MO where I live with my wife, Sammi, and my cat, Batman. I did not begin writing fiction until my early twenties when the stories of Ray Bradbury grabbed hold of me and never let go.

I just finished my first novel and have begun the editing process. My goal is to have it published early this Fall. I believe effort is the path to mastery, but I often need reminded.

And I want to send you those stories.

I've also written a few non-fictional things.

We made a film (and it won an award).


There's a book club for gentlemen as well. 

And tweets and grams of course.

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