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'tis the season. (photo by none other than Sammi Jean Shultz)

Welcome to First Saturday 
December '17 | From FC.

This month's story is about a young girl in a small town who opens a lemonade stand to raise money so she can buy the coolest new toy on the market...a personal rocket ship that can go into low orbit, the MyRocketTrip 3000©.  

"Rockets and Railways." is rated PG and has an estimated read time of 8 minutes.
Click Here to Read "Rockets and Railways."

· Kind Words for The Rose Weapon. ·

My most recent book, The Rose Weapon, came out a little over a month ago and I've been moved by all of the kind words I've received for it. Thank you so much. Here are a few of the reviews:
"So much action propels this story at a breakneck speed and left me wishing for more at the end. The story had all the elements of a classic hero tale, but the themes and details were both original and thought-provoking.

I also loved the characters—they felt real and rich and endearing. Shultz did a fabulous job of building relationships within the story with true heart, and I appreciated the beautiful depictions of both friendship and familial bonds.

Can’t wait for the next book!"
"F.C. Shultz's debut novel is strategically wonderful.

Not too long, but not too short, you can get a feel for his writing style and the world he wanted to build. I loved the themes of legacy, conviction, and the uneasiness that can come with growing up and realizing things aren't the way you thought they were.

I'm excited to see what else he has in store!"
"A lovely little novel about family, honour, and flying firey beasts in the sky. Also, there's a mountain named after me... which I always felt was missing in other novels. Looking forward to the next one!"
The Rose Weapon would make a great Christmas gift for fans (of all ages) of Lord of the Rings, Eragon, How to Train Your Dragon, or fantasy stories in general! 
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· Me, on a Podcast? ·

My friend Luke runs a story studio called Hawk & Cleaver. They write books, make films, record podcasts, and much more.

One of their podcasts is about self-publishing. I got a chance to sit down and chat about what I learned during the process of writing and publishing my first book. It was a great time!
Check out The Story Studio Podcast Here

· November's Top 10: Read, Watched, Listened ·

  1. JUSTICE LEAGUE. The movie came out this month. I've got a few opinions on it. Overall, an enjoyable movie with low risk. 
  2. Still working my way through Golden Son by Pierce Brown, even though my friends don't believe me. 
  3. We read 7 Women in book club last month. I was moved by the stories of faithfulness from these women. The importance of using art to shape culture was particularly interesting as well.
  4. Watched the whole season of Atlanta. It's a semi-autobiographical comedy series created by and starring Donald Glover. It's pretty great. The visual style also spectacular.
  5. Also re-watched King Arthur, Legend of the Sword. It's a crazy, stylized, over-the-top retelling of the King Arthur legend. I love it. 
  6. Watched a bunch of music videos by OK GO. This one is particularly insane. They're all logistical nightmares with incredible execution.
  7. If you're ready for Christmas music, this Sleeping At Last album is pretty good.
  8. Picked up a digital copy of Vision Vol. 1. for cheap on black Friday. It's an eerie, simple story about trying to be normal. There's one panel specifically that I found to be incredibly chilling and incredible. Let me know if you pick it up, I'd love to chat about it.
  9. Some of my favorite creators, Rhett and Link, put out an episode of their podcast, Ear Biscuits, that is all about taking creative risks and trying to balance creativity with audience expectation. Loved it. 
  10. Season one of Johnny Quest was on sale for $4.99 so I picked it up, even though I've never seen it before. Anyone seen it? Did you like it?

· Book Club Update ·

This month we are reading Ship of Theseus by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst.

Yes, that J.J. Abrams. We'll meet and discuss this book in January, so there's plenty of time to pick it up. I'm guessing it's not like anything you've ever read before. Check out the description to see what I mean. 

If you're a gentleman and you want to join, you're in! We'd love to have you this month. Find more details at

· Final Thoughts: Goals for 2018 ·

It's about that time to put down some goals for this next year. I'm starting to put things together and think about what I want to accomplish next year. Is there anything you'd like to see? 

I'll do a full 2017 goal update in next month's email, as well as a list of the 2018 goals. 

Crazy that 2017 is almost over. Thankful for all of your support this year. It means so much. As always, let me know if there's anything I can do for you. 

Thank you for subscribing caring.

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"There is no failure unless one stops." 
Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing (pg. 146)

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